Personal compositions...

After having worked hours and hours, I finally managed to create somevery modest compositions of Piano.

I have created 4 pieces which are titled "Automnes"(standing for "Autumns" in French). I hope you will enjoy them and if you do so,I will be very happy that you let me know !

I claim no copyright whatsoever on these “compositions”: everyone, please feel free to do whatever you want with them, including making money, modifying them, claiming you are the author…actually I would be quite honored if anyone would like to do such things with these compositions!


All these little compositions share the same feature: not really happy, a bit romanticand quite melancolic. They should be played while looking at the leafs falling down thetrees :)

Only the first line of the scores are displayed on this page. To download the fullscores, just click on it and you will get the Acrobat Pdf file (Many thanks to Leslie for theconversion). It can be read with Acroread that is available for free. You can also chooseto get the postscript version (use WinZip and displayit with a postscript viewer like GsView).Let me know if you have any problem...

This was the first one... It is technically quite easy to play. Although the harmonies and melody are quite poor, I found a lot of people that appreciated it. I would recommend play it with a slowly varying velocity, in order to break the monotony of the main voice.
You will find 2 parts in the song: the second part should be played louder.
As usual, this Melodie Number 2 (Numero in French) has 2 parts. Be careful to keep the first part very light: If you do not worry, this part will sound awfully loud. The second part is a little bit more technical but I find it interesting.
The originality of this one is the left hand which is similar to a waltz rythm, although there are still four times per measure. Once more, you will find 2 parts in this composition. The second one is a bit technical since the right and left hands are sometimes very close to each other.
Ok, the Melodie No.4 has been composed very quickly, so the quality may be even worse than the previous ones... Moreover, it is slightly more difficult than the others. The particularity is the 6/8 timing which brings a sort of waltz character that one may find pleasant.

If you happen to like one of the pieces above, sure you won't like this one ! It's just kidding... and should be played in a way that make the listener laugh... This is definitevely not romantic and quite original. I am pretty curious to know if there is one single human beeing out of the earth that appreciates this kind of music !

Hey YOU! I see people coming here from all over the world to download the scores:

but almost nobody send me e-mails to tell me what he/she thinks

about this work !!

I will now put a behind each country which has given an answer to me... Tell me just who you are (male, female, age, job, anything you wish ...). If you have already tried the scores, tell me what you think about it. I wil even put your comments (whatever they are) on a special Web page !
So be cool, and send me a little email !

You will also find a lot of other works Phil & Isako huge page and of course you must take a look at "The Piano Music Lovers" page made by a published composer, Ng Aik Pin.


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