Chopin Nocturnes 



In case you find my compositions absolutely ugly, I have recorded my interpretations of some Chopin Nocturne. If some of you decide to download them, well I would be very honoured and will keep on posting others… Nocturne No.3 is already on its way; I guess it could be ready somewhere in 2005;)

Should you need the original versions (50 Mb per Nocturne!), just let me know I would be happy to provide them to you…

Nocture No1 (.wav in MP3, 4.2 MBytes)

Nocture No2 (.wav in MP3, 3.8 MBytes)


I make this work available for free and entirely free of any rights. Should you need some music for any event, please feel free to use it!

I would appreciate that you tell me if you do so (I would be so proud!) but there is absolutely no obligation :) If you like it, tell me, and I will upload other Nocturnes... if you find it miserable, tell me and I will remove everything :)

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